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Review THOR: RAGNAROK – Link to watch

“Thor: Ragnarok” is a breakthrough film with a positively refreshing approach, primarily driven by director Taika Waititi. Here’s a brief review of the movie:

Humor and Tone: The film stands out with clever humor and a laid-back tone, creating an enjoyable entertainment experience. This fresh approach provides a different perspective on the character of Thor, revitalizing the film series.

Characters and Acting: Chris Hemsworth continues to portray Thor with wit and humor, showcasing his diverse acting abilities. New characters like Valkyrie and Grandmaster bring richness to Thor’s world.

Design and Visuals: The film’s strength lies in its unique design and creative visual effects. The world of Sakaar is vividly and elegantly reimagined, creating a distinct and captivating space.

Soundtrack: Mark Mothersbaugh’s score is unique, blending electronic music with retro synth sounds, creating a special atmosphere for the film.

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Story and Pacing: The plot revolves around the theme of Ragnarok and the efforts to prevent it, combined with elements of humor and adventure. The film’s pace is swift, keeping the audience engaged throughout.

MCU Connectivity: While having a standalone narrative, “Thor: Ragnarok” still maintains connections to larger events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, contributing significantly to the overarching story.

“Thor: Ragnarok” not only brings innovation to the Thor film series but also stands out in the MCU with an excellent blend of humor and action, delivering an exciting experience for the audience.

Link to watch

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