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The main theme of “The Menu” revolves around revenge and punishment – the main courses on the meticulously prepared menu by chef Julian Slowik. Screenwriters Seth Reiss and Will Tracy crafted a story rich in social critique, particularly focusing on the extravagance and frivolity of the upper class. Apart from Mills, each guest attending the event has their own sins to reckon with in their journey to ascend or enjoy their high-status lives.

Chef Julian Slowik is the self-righteous antagonist who sees himself as divine, tasked with meting out punishment to the guilty. This motif resonates with works like David Fletcher’s “Seven” or Mary Harron’s “American Psycho.” The Hawthorne restaurant is designed as a purgatory, where the divine purges human sins. However, the punishment aspect of “The Menu” only truly begins towards the end of the film. While this direction ramps up the climax, it also makes the preceding segments somewhat sluggish.

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Director Mark Mylod employs elements of horror, suspense, and a dash of black comedy to craft over 100 minutes of emotionally charged film. The plot twists are logical and well-connected, maintaining a slow yet tension-filled narrative throughout. Particularly, the comedic element is judiciously applied to not disrupt the suspenseful atmosphere enveloping the film. Additionally, the cinematic depiction of fine-dining dishes akin to cooking shows adds enjoyable segments to the narrative.

“The Menu” amalgamates various emotions and genres effectively, resulting in a captivating cinematic experience that keeps viewers engaged until the very end.

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