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Review The Martial Arts Kid (2015) – Link to watch

“The Martial Arts Kid” is an American action and comedy film released in 2015, which introduces the fantasy world of martial arts and family values. Here are some reviews and comments about the movie:

Plot and text:
The film revolves around Robbie, a teenager who has to move to live with his grandfather in a small town. When faced with school violence, Robbie begins learning martial arts to protect himself and face another student’s challenge. The plot delivers a positive message of self-confidence, showing off and education.

The film stars famous actors such as Jansen Panettiere, Kathryn Newton and famous boxer couple Cynthia Rothrock and Don “The Dragon” Wilson. Although there were some actors who were not experts in the field of export forums, they contributed positively to the story.

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Quality magic:
With the appearance of professional Martial Artists, the film brings beautiful and realistic Martial Arts scenes. The strikes and punches are executed well, making for exciting matches.

Message and Education: “The Martial Arts Kid” is not only an entertaining film but also contains educational lessons about loyalty, courage, and non-violent conflict resolution. You can find many family values ​​and morals in the content of the film.

Overall rating: Although it may not be an excellent work of art, “The Martial Arts Kid” is still an engaging film and provides the audience with positive moments of entertainment. Especially if you are interested in Martial Arts and positive messages, you can take advantage of this movie. Summary, “The Martial Arts Kid” is a family-friendly comedy and action movie, with a combination of martial arts, education and entertainment.

Link to watch

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