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Review THE CREATOR – Link to watch

“The Creator” opens with anticipation and curiosity due to its unique approach to artificial intelligence. Right from the start, the film impresses with its use of a substantial budget to create a distinctive visual and world-building experience. The cinematography is exceptional, reminiscent of works like “Blade Runner,” “Elysium,” “I, Robot,” and “A.I.”

The relationship between Joshua and Alfie stands out with excellent performances, adding depth to the story. However, over time, the plot loses its intrigue. The pacing accelerates, making the story predictable and lacking depth. Significant plot holes diminish persuasiveness, and the theme of AI’s humanity, initially promising, loses coherence.

While the filmmaking techniques excel with impressive special effects and sound design, the script is a weak point. The film seems to aim for profound insights into artificial intelligence and humanity but chooses a superficial approach.

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Characters, except for Joshua, become one-dimensional and struggle to connect emotionally with the audience. This is especially evident in the portrayal of AI characters like Alfie, lacking complexity to evoke empathy for their struggles.

Despite starting with significant potential, “The Creator” ultimately leaves a sense of disappointment. While visually striking, the film falls short in narrative execution. Despite its visual appeal, the lack of emotional depth and narrative coherence makes the experience unsatisfying. Leaving the theater, I felt the film, despite having grand aspirations, missed a potential opportunity.

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