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Review: Snake Eater III: His Law – Link To Watch

In SNAKEEATER he went on a mission of vengeance to find the men who had killed his parents and kidnapped his sister. In SNAKEEATER II?THE DRUG BUSTERS he teamed up with a ghetto kid to close down the crack houses and exterminate the drug lords. Now, in SNAKEEATER III?HIS LAW, Soldier (LORENZO LAMAS) is once again a man on a mission. This time, he’s after a vicious gang of bikers who abducted, brutalized and raped a young girl, Vivian (TRACEY HWAY). With the help of an old friend, Cowboy (MINOR MUSTAIN), an ex-biker turned private investigator, Soldier begins his search. Upon information given to them by an ex-girlfriend of biker gang leader, Goose (BAM BAM BIGELOW), the trail leads to the hangout of the Hell’s Fury where Soldier forces Goose to reveal that the abducted girl had been sold to another biker gang, the Outlaws.

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Goose, upon learning that his ex-girlfriend double-crossed him, kills her in Soldier’s girlfriend’s apartment where she was hiding out. Soldier and Cowboy avenge her by electrocuting Goose in a most unusual manner. In a desperate attempt to stop Soldier, the Hell’s Fury gang seeking revenge for Goose’s death, set up an ambush. After a furious shoot-out, Soldier and Cowboy kill several of the gang and disperse the rest. Now, it’s time to hunt down and exterminate the Outlaws. After tracking them to their hideout, Soldier and Cowboy plan their attack, unaware that Vivian has once again been kidnapped and is in Outlaw hands. Although greatly outnumbered, Soldier and Cowboy launch their assault crashing through the bikers’ concrete bunker in a stolen truck equipped with a deadly snowplow blade. In a fierce explosion of violent gun fighting and vicious hand-to-hand combat, Soldier and Cowboy run up the body-count. But during the fighting, Cowboy is wounded and Soldier is pinned by a falling beam at the mercy of the Outlaw leader, Turk (CHIP CHUIPKA) but, before Turk can finish them off, Vivian strikes. The victim has become the victor. Once again, Soldier’s Law “that sometimes you have to break the law to enforce it” has triumphed.

Lorenzo Lamas enfile de nouveau les bottes de Jack Kelly (alias SNAKEEATER), le superflic aux nerfs d’acier et au sourire irrésistible, pour sa troisième aventure, la plus explosive de toutes! Suspendu de ses fonctions de policier pour rudesse excessive, Jack accepte de venger une jeune fille qu’une bande de motards ignobles a sauvagement brutalisée. Il jure de punir les coupables et de faire triompher la justice la plus implacable : la sienne. Avec l’aide d’un ami surnommé Cowboy, SnakeEater affronte les motards et leur chef le gigantesque Goose (le lutteur BAM BAM BIGELOW), un 400 livres de pure méchanceté! La partie sera difficile à remporter, mais Jack a plus d’un atout dans sa manche.

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