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“Seobok” (2021) is a South Korean science fiction film directed by Lee Yong-joo, featuring Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum. The story follows a former intelligence agent tasked with safeguarding Seobok, the first human clone. The film delves into ethical and moral quandaries associated with genetic manipulation.

“Seobok” received mixed reviews. Its strengths include high production values, impressive visuals, and strong performances by Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum. The exploration of ethical themes and consequences tied to cloning was appreciated. However, some critics felt the narrative lacked tightness and originality in its approach to familiar science fiction concepts.

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For fans of the genre, especially those intrigued by ethical dilemmas in a futuristic setting, “Seobok” may be worth watching. As opinions vary, it’s advisable to consider different perspectives before deciding to view the film.

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