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“Rampage” is a 2018 action-adventure film directed by Brad Peyton, based on the video game series of the same name. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the film follows a storyline where a genetic experiment goes wrong, resulting in animals, including a giant gorilla, wolf, and crocodile, transforming into colossal, aggressive creatures.

The narrative revolves around Davis Okoye (played by Dwayne Johnson), a primatologist who forms an extraordinary bond with a silverback gorilla named George. After a genetic experiment by a corporation goes awry, George and other animals are mutated into aggressive monsters, causing chaos as they rampage across the country. Davis teams up with a genetic engineer (Naomie Harris) to find a cure for the animals while trying to prevent further destruction, particularly in Chicago.

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“Rampage” received mixed reviews from both critics and audiences. The film was praised for its impressive visual effects, particularly in rendering the gigantic creatures and the action-packed sequences involving them. Additionally, Dwayne Johnson’s charismatic performance was highlighted as a significant aspect of the film’s appeal.

However, some critics found fault in the movie’s formulaic plot and lack of depth in character development. While it delivered on its promise of action and entertainment, it was criticized for lacking a more engaging or original storyline.

Overall, “Rampage” is regarded as a standard popcorn action flick that provides thrilling sequences and impressive CGI but falls short in terms of storytelling depth and originality.

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