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Review Kung Fu League – Link to watch

Director Liu Zhenwei’s “Kung Fu League” is a mixture of martial arts and humor, bringing four famous martial arts characters into the modern world. This section examines Liu Zhenwei’s ability to “parody” himself and the world of martial arts.

Beginning with the summoning of the four great masters Wong Fei Hung, Huo Yuan Jia, Chen Zhen and Ip Man to the modern era, the film takes the opportunity to create humor through their ignorance of the world. new world. Liu Zhenwei keeps the scene humorous and light, avoiding the film becoming too excessive or ridiculous.

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The cast, with the participation of martial arts stars such as Trieu Van Trac, An Chi Kiet, Tran Quoc Khon and Do Vu Hang, helps highlight impressive martial arts performances. However, the film also faces errors such as lacking depth in the characters and using too much technology, losing its natural quality.

Overall feeling, “Kung Fu League” is a pretty good step forward for Liu Zhenwei after previous failures, bringing the audience laughter and unique martial arts performances from the famous cast.

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