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Review Kung Fu Jungle 2014 – Link to watch

“Kung Fu Jungle” (original title “Yip Man: Jung Gik Yat Jin”) is an excellent, unique and highly technical martial arts action film. Here is a brief review of the movie:

“Kung Fu Jungle” is an action masterpiece combined with top martial arts scenes and an engaging story. Director Teddy Chan has created a dramatic picture with a harmonious combination of brain-storming fights and thrilling details.

Donnie Yen, who plays the main role, shows off his martial arts talent and at the same time gives an emotional performance to his character. He plays a skilled martial artist with the ability to predict and understand all martial arts techniques. When faced with a serial killer, he unanimously cooperated with the police to end the chain of horrifying assassinations.

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The fights are not only a showcase of top martial arts techniques, but also contain creativity in the way the director brings them to life on screen. Every shot is choreographed precisely and beautifully, making it impossible for viewers to take their eyes off the screen.

The film’s plot, although not groundbreaking, is still built in an attractive way, with surprises and drama in every minute. The music and visuals also work well together to create a full and complete experience.

Overall feeling, “Kung Fu Jungle” is not only an action movie but also a martial arts art product, where audiences can award the beauty and power of this art. If you are a fan of Martial Arts, this is a movie you should not miss.

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