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Review IP MAN 4: The Final (2019) – Link to watch

The movie “Ip Man 4: The Finale” (2019) is an impressive work, rich in martial arts and gives the audience an emotional ending to the journey of the character Ip Man. Here is a preliminary review:


Excellent martial arts techniques: As usual, the martial arts sequences in the film are excellently designed and executed, with contributions from famous martial arts actor Donnie Yen. The confrontations and battles all give audiences fascinating and dramatic experiences.

High production quality: From the visuals to the music and script, “Ip Man 4” maintains top production quality, creating a complete and professional cinematic experience.

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Touching ending: The film brings an impressive and touching ending to Ip Man’s journey. The final details not only satisfied fans but also left a deep impression of sacrifice and family love.


Based on historical events: Although it is a part of historical events, there are also opinions that the film may slightly deviate from the truth to create a fictional effect.

Predictability: Due to the conclusion of a popular series, some audiences may feel that some plot twists are predictable, reducing the surprise.

“Ip Man 4: The Finale” is not only an excellent martial arts film but also a story about filial piety and fighting spirit. With perfection in techniques and plot, this is a work worth watching for both martial arts movie fans and those looking for a story with profound meaning.

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