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Review FRENZY – Link to watch

“Frenzy,” directed by Jose Montesinos and written by Graham Winter, ventures into the realm of shark-themed movies often seen on the SyFy Channel. Unlike its counterparts, “Frenzy” doesn’t feature paranormal or genetically enhanced sharks. Instead, it follows a group of thrill-seeking vloggers, led by Paige (Gina Vitori), who find themselves stranded at sea after a plane crash, with sharks circling them.

The movie focuses on Paige’s sister, Lindsey (Aubrey Reynolds), who must navigate the dangerous waters to save her sister and friends. Throughout the film, viewers glimpse into the sisters’ relationship, as Lindsey faces her fears and attempts to muster the courage to rescue her sister.

While “Frenzy” attempts to blend survival elements with character-driven drama, it falls short of leaving a lasting impact. The vignettes exploring the sisters’ relationship often feel disconnected from the main narrative, lacking significant emotional depth or resonance. Despite the good intentions behind the character development, the film fails to engage viewers on a meaningful level.

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One notable aspect of “Frenzy” is its use of CGI, which, while sparingly employed, adds little to the overall tension or excitement of the film. Instead, the reliance on CGI detracts from the realism and dramatic impact of the shark encounters, reducing them to superficial visual effects rather than genuine sources of suspense.

In conclusion, “Frenzy” struggles to distinguish itself within the shark-themed genre, offering little more than forgettable storytelling and underwhelming CGI effects. While it attempts to infuse depth into its characters and relationships, the execution ultimately falls short of leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

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