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Review Film: L’infermiera (1975) – Link To Watch

“L’infermiera” is an Italian comedy film released in 1975, directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini. Here’s a general review of the movie:

Plot Summary:

“L’infermiera” focuses on the character Anna, a nurse at a hospital, who becomes entangled in various humorous situations and misunderstandings during her work. The film delivers humor through comedic twists and the romantic dynamics between characters.

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1. Humor:

  • Comic Rhythm: “L’infermiera” is praised for its strong comedic elements, often driven by slapstick situations within the hospital setting.
  • Comedic Performances: Lino Banfi and Edwige Fenech, the main actors, play pivotal roles in creating a humorous atmosphere and energy for the film.

2. Romance and Plot Dynamics:

  • Character Relationships: The romantic relationships and emotional conflicts between characters bring complexity and appeal to the storyline.
  • Comedic Situations: Misunderstandings and tricky situations contribute to the humor, making the film engaging.
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1. Dated Style:

  • Old-Fashioned Aspect: While delivering laughs, “L’infermiera” can be considered somewhat dated and adheres to the comedic patterns of the 1970s.


“L’infermiera” is an Italian comedy that provides entertainment through comedic situations and endearing romantic relationships between characters. Despite showing signs of a dated style, it maintains its charm for those who appreciate classic comedy genres.

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