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Review Film: LA LUNA (1979) – Link To Watch

“La Luna” is a film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, released in 1979. Here’s an overview:

Plot Summary:

“La Luna” tells the story of a teenage boy named Joe Silveri, played by Matthew Barry, who travels to Italy with his mother Caterina Silveri, portrayed by Jill Clayburgh. Caterina is an opera singer, and their complex relationship takes a dramatic turn in Rome. The film explores themes of incest, self-discovery, and the clash between American and Italian cultures.

Key Aspects:

1. Bertolucci’s Direction:

  • Artistic Vision: Bertolucci, known for his visually striking films, brings a unique artistic vision to “La Luna.” The film’s visual composition and cinematography are notable.
  • Narrative Exploration: The director delves into controversial and challenging themes, exploring the psychological and emotional complexities of the characters.
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2. Jill Clayburgh’s Performance:

  • Compelling Protagonist: Jill Clayburgh delivers a powerful performance as Caterina, portraying the emotional turmoil and conflicts within her character.

3. Controversial Themes:

  • Incestuous Elements: “La Luna” is notable for its exploration of taboo subjects, particularly the incestuous relationship between mother and son, which sparked controversy and discussion.

4. Cultural Clash:

  • American vs. Italian Culture: The film addresses the clash between American and Italian cultures, exploring the challenges of identity and belonging.
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“La Luna” received mixed reviews upon its release. While praised for its artistic qualities and Bertolucci’s direction, the controversial themes and the film’s explicit content generated significant debate. The movie remains a thought-provoking and divisive entry in Bertolucci’s filmography, appreciated by some for its bold exploration of complex subjects and criticized by others for its provocative nature.

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