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Review DARK PHOENIX – Link to watch

“Dark Phoenix” is a 2019 superhero film centered around Jean Grey’s transformation into the powerful and unstable Dark Phoenix. Starring Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, the movie received mixed reviews from both audiences and critics.

The storyline delves into Jean’s inner conflict as her powers escalate, endangering her relationships with the X-Men. Despite showcasing impressive action sequences and visually stunning effects, the execution of the plot and character development failed to garner consensus among viewers and critics.

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Sophie Turner delivered a strong performance as Jean Grey, but the film garnered mixed reactions. While it had standout moments and noteworthy visual effects, the storytelling and character development felt lacking, leading to varying responses from the audience.

Overall, “Dark Phoenix” attempted to adapt a beloved comic book storyline but fell short of expectations, receiving a mixed reception due to its handling of the narrative and characters.

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