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Review Avatar: The Way of Water – Link to watch

“The Way of Water” continues the story from 12 years ago, with Jake Sully now serving as the leader of the Omaticaya clan and raising a family with his wife Neytiri, including their biological and adopted children. Kiri is Jake’s adopted daughter, born from the dormant Na’vi body of Grace Augustine and a human boy named Spider, who is the son of Miles Quaritch.

They lead a peaceful life on Pandora until one day, the human RDA spacecraft returns to Pandora, seeking to take control and establish a new operational base. Among them is Colonel Quaritch, Spider’s father, who has been cloned into a Na’vi body with memories uploaded before his death.

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To prevent the RDA from exploiting Pandora once again, Jake leads the Omaticaya in a fight. Meanwhile, Quaritch begins a mission to hunt down and eliminate Jake. Aware of this, Jake seeks help from the Mekayina tribe living in the coral reefs beneath the water. He must learn to live underwater to integrate with this new community and, together, they aim to protect Pandora, destroy the RDA, and thwart Quaritch’s plans.

Link to watch

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