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Review: A-X-L – Link to watch

“A-X-L” is a sci-fi action film released in 2018, directed by Oliver Daly. The film revolves around a top-secret robotic dog named A-X-L and the bond he forms with a teenager named Miles. Here’s a brief review:


  1. Concept and Premise: The concept of a high-tech robotic dog with advanced military capabilities is intriguing and provides the foundation for an action-packed adventure.
  2. Visual Effects: The visual effects, particularly in bringing the robotic dog A-X-L to life, are well-executed and contribute to the film’s overall appeal.
  3. Action Sequences: The film features some exciting and well-choreographed action sequences, particularly involving A-X-L showcasing his robotic abilities.


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  1. Predictable Plot: One of the main criticisms is the film’s predictable and formulaic plot. The storyline follows a familiar trajectory of a boy forming a bond with a unique creature, facing external threats, and overcoming challenges.
  2. Character Development: The characters, including the protagonist Miles and others, lack significant depth and development. This hinders the audience’s emotional investment in their journey.
  3. Clichéd Elements: The film relies on clichéd elements commonly found in similar coming-of-age and sci-fi adventure stories, making it feel somewhat derivative.

Overall Impression: “A-X-L” is a moderately entertaining sci-fi action film that may appeal to audiences seeking a straightforward and visually engaging experience. While the concept of a robotic dog has its appeal, the film’s predictability and lack of character depth prevent it from standing out in a genre populated by more innovative and compelling stories. It’s best enjoyed as a light, action-oriented watch without expecting substantial narrative complexity.

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